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Healthy, non-fat cooking like on a natural hot stone

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StoneDine with StoneCote cooking set non-stick cookware
  • Healthy, non-fat cooking like on a natural hot stone.
  • Extremely durable scratch-resistant coating
  • Suitable for all cooktops – gas, induction, ceramic and electric.
  • Easy to clean inside and out.
  • High-performance non-stick surface
  • No harmful chemicals – no PTFE, no PFOA!
  • Special Note: All new StoneDine cookware that comes with a free metal
    utensil features revolutionary StoneCote – it is safe to use with all metal
    utensils, and can even be cleaned with steel wool!
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StoneDine frying pan

“When I was cooking in the StoneDine with one of my favourite recipes I noticed that I actually used half a cup less oil! It not only make your food taste better... it also makes it better for you as well!”
- Logan Pawley

“To use no oil... and to get the taste that we got was an exceptional treat.”
- Graham MacDonald

“The taste is much better because you don’t have this oily or buttery taste afterwards in your mouth”
- Barbara Scholten

The 8pc StoneDine Cooking Set includes:

StoneDine roasting pot StoneDine cooking pot StoneDine sauce pan StoneDine stewing pot StoneDine frying pan StoneDine glass lid
StoneDine frying pan stone dine
Stonedine egg challenge StoneDine with StoneCote cooking set

Imagine restaurant quality steak, tender and juicy,
cooked to perfection every time

StoneDine... the culinary revolution that brings the unbeatable flavour of cooking on stone into
your home.

The secret to StoneDine cookware is the unique cooking surface – StoneDine Original with its
breakthrough non-stick technology, and StoneDine StoneCote with incredible “harder than steel”

StoneDine locks in your food's goodness, then brings out the true flavour – because all StoneDine
surfaces contain real stone.

Ordinary non-stick pans can have chemical compounds [such as PFOA] in their coatings that actually
alter the original taste and can even leach toxins into your food.

The fumes they release can lead to breathing problems and even pet deaths.

But StoneDine surfaces contain NO TOXIC CHEMICALS. It's a healthier way to cook!

Take the World Famous StoneDine Egg Challenge and see if you taste the difference.

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